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For the Survivalist on a limited income or possibly looking to keep things simple to travel light after tshtf, the one gun armory has its merits. This “one gun” will need to be capable of taking both small and large game and for use as a defensive weapon if need be.

Though the .22 has been used to take game animals both large and small it is sorely lacking as a combat round. Because of this, I would look elsewhere for a one gun battery.


I will also rule out center fire rifles as they just are not practical enough to hunt different types of game animals efficiently. For the Survivalist bugging out and possibly living off the land for a short period of time the center fire rifle does not offer enough versatility for taking of game, especially small game.

For the one gun armory the Survivalist must look no further than the 12 gauge shotgun. With the option of different barrel lengths, many stock options and removable chokes to change shot patterns there is not much that cannot be done with these guns out to 100 yards and possibly beyond depending on load selection.

There are many different loads to choose from for the 12 gauge. There are a variety of slugs (solid projectile) to choose between for hunting game, such as bear and deer out to 150 yards. These same slugs can be used to turn any shotgun into a very formidable weapon.


Where the shotgun really shines though is in the large variety of shot sizes it has available to it. Shot shells containing a load of shot (made up of many pellets rather than a solid slug) can be usedfor hunting small game and migratory game birds. Some larger shot sizes such as Buckshot can be used effectively on large game animals and is a top choice for a defensive round.

Most Patriots seem to gravitate towards pump action shotguns, probably due to there low cost and high reliability. The Remington model 870 and Mossberg 500 lead the pack for pump shotguns in America. Both companies make quality pump shotguns and have a very devoted fan base for each model. I do not think you can make a bad choice between the two.

Tippmann offer a nice line of paintball gear for the serious player. Tippmann paintball guns come in a variety of styles to suit any players needs. A Tippmann marker is backed by the guarantee of trust in a top manufacturer in the field ofpaintball gear.


Tippmann offers a range of choice, from the Tippmann flat line to the Tippmann sniper. Tippmann paintball guns feature short barrels, long barrels and a wide array of styles and features. A Tippmann marker is made for speed and accuracy, as well as a great looking design and durability.

The Tippmann a-5 and Tippmann 98 are two great examples of what they have to offer. Both feature a long barrel with extreme feed speed for fast shooting. Accessories like Tippmann 98 custom, Tippmann a-5 barrels and the Tippmann a-5 upgrade make these two guns easily customized.

Additionally, there is the Tippmann x7 which is customizable to the extreme. Other customizing options include Tippmann barrels, Tippmann stick, and other Tippmann accessory choices. These things make Tippmann guns perfect for anyone.

Backed by the Tippmann name, Tippmann paintball guns are one of the best. They are easy to make into whatever a player desires with functions and abilities that rank at the top of the industry. Any player looking for a new paintball gun should consider checking out Tippmann for what they have to offer. They have a nice selection and are eager to customize whatever is necessary to please the player and help him excel at his game play.

Defence and security company Saab brings to Indian combat aircraft followers and those with a dream to fly a fighter aircraft a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: To fly the world's most advanced multi-role fighter aircraft, the Gripen, during its sojourn in Bangalore during Aero India air show between February 9-13.

For the first time ever an ordinary Indian citizen can get on to a fighter aircraft by simply answering a set of questions or flying any flight simulation of the Gripen and entering it at The Gripen Top Guns contest has an amateur and professional level challenge to test the knowledge of aircraft buffs while providing an opportunity for XBOX, PSP and Computer Games buffs the opportunity to enter their best flying effort on the Gripen and take a shot at flying the real Gripen. The Gripen game entries will be judged by top Swedish and Indian pilots to select a few who will get a shot at flying the real Gripen Aircraft simulator. Out of the five chosen simulator ‘pilots', one will get to fly the real thing: the JAS 39 Gripen.


To top it, for those not really interested in the technical end but love the look and feel of the aircraft, the Gripen Top Guns contest opens a Model Hunt in which 12 participants will make it to the first ever Gripen India Calendar.

"Aero India is a celebration of the love of flying, of fighter aircraft and the world's best aircraft technologies. Saab is happy to create an opportunity for people to know more about the aircraft, its history, technologies behind the product through a unique contest. We believe that the more the people of India get to see and understand the complex technologies that make flying and guarding the skies both simple and effective, the more will be the appreciation of the history of Swedish aircraft technology and Swedish technologies. We are very pleased that today we will be able to give someone with a life long dream, a very real opportunity to fly a world beating fighter aircraft," says Edvard de la Motte, Campaign Director, Gripen International India.

Three Gripen aircraft will be arriving In Bangalore for the Aero Show and will be putting up displays each day.

Apart from the grand prize of a flight in the Gripen, the Gripen Top Guns contest has a host of prizes for those who get it right and win in the draw of lots, including Gripen fighter pilot flying suits, Gripen Aviator Glasses, Gripen Exclusive Calendars signed by Swedish Test Pilots as well as Gripen Collectibles including Gripen Key Tags, Badges, Stickers And Pens.

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers' changing needs.


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